Introduction - What & Why

Welcome to my blog!  I am so glad you are here.  I am Karyn and am the designer with Rogue Stitchery.  Rogue Stitchery providers primarily cross stitch items, all of original design.  Currently, there are 100+ cross stitch patterns available, many of which are also available as kits.  I anticipate that stitched items for purchase will be available by 2022.

Why cross stitch?  Simply put…I love it!!  I have cross stitched for the majority of my life.  I love reading the charts as if they were maps.  The constant and methodical stitches crisscrossing the squares in the Aida fabric are soothing and meditative.  It was always my go-to after a stressful day at work, a relaxing way to spend a day off, and a must-have during the ongoing pandemic.  Cross stitch is easy to transport (depending on your project), can be worked on a little at a time or a lot, and taps into the creative part of the brain.

Okay, why so many book themes and bookmarks?  At heart, I am a reader and a writer.  I love fully stocked bookshelves, the smell of a new book, the excitement of a new adventure.  I love sauntering through indie bookstores and libraries.  Older books with old-fashioned phrasing, worn hardbound covers and slightly frayed pages are to me as precious metals and gemstones.  What could be better than discovering whole words within the pages of a book?  One day I hope to publish my own.

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