Water Daisies - Custom Trim
Water Daisies - Custom Trim
Rogue Stitchery, LLC

Water Daisies - Custom Trim

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Each custom trimmed fabric/bookmark piece is individually crafted using Charles Craft’ Gold Standard Aida cloth.  An Aida piece is cut to size, based on the fabric count.  The custom trim is handmade, then sewn onto the Aida fabric with standard sewing machine.  The pieces of trim are sewn onto long sides of the Aida fabric only, as shown in the product photos.

“Custom Trim” is a rectangular piece of Aida fabric that is trim sewn onto the long sides.  This trim is unique to Rogue Stitchery and is handmade using quality quilt cotton fabrics.  These pieces are ideal as bookmarks as well as hanging on the wall as a decorative piece.  Most are available in 14-count or 18-count.  The stitch area for both 14-count and 18-count is 28 x 120.  The total size of a 14-count piece (Aida fabric with custom trim) measures 3” x 9”.  The total size for 18-count is 2 1/2" x 7”.

Should you desire to mount your finished piece on a wall or corkboard, simple hanging clips with floss is available separately.  Instructions are included with the hanging clips.

Bible Verses and Phrases are sold separately, either as digital patterns or as a kit option.