Nothing Like a Good Book - Cross Stitch Pattern
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Nothing Like a Good Book - Cross Stitch Pattern

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This pattern has two pages.  The first page shows a full color photo of the stitched design.  The second page contains the actual chart. 

The chart is large print and in black and white for easy reading. Colors are identified through symbols in the chart, which are also listed in the legend.  The legend also contains the DMC color names and corresponding numbers.  There are brief instructions that include how to sew the Aida fabric into a bookmark.  The finished design can also be framed for mounting on the wall or sitting on a bookshelf.

The prepared fabric should have a stitch count of 34 x 110, regardless of the fabric count.  The stitch count of the design is included in the pattern, as well as the stitch area for 14-count, 18-count and 20-count. 

All designs are stitched before they are made available for purchase.  This is important because colors reflected on a computer screen will often look different when actually stitched.  Colors are often changed during the primary stitching to ensure the colors properly match and blend.  The photo of the finished design has been stitched and is not computer-generated.

This item is a digital pattern for a DIY project.  After purchase, the pdf file is available for download and/or printing.